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2614B650 Perkins V Belt 50.2in

2614B650 Perkins V Belt 50.2 in


Perkins v-belts, also known as vee belts or wedge belts 2614B650, are designed to prevent alignment and slippage problems. With greater load, the belt will tend to wedge into the groove, providing better performance. Widely used due to the strength and reliability from fiber reinforcement. When replacing fan belts check the belt tension is correct, together with all the electrical connectors and the battery. Where engines have twin belts, check to ensure the belts are of a matched length.
Length (mm) 1275
Material Rubber
Pack size Pair
Shape V-Belt
Width (in) 0.5
Width (mm) 13



1000 Series: 1004-4, 1004-40, 1004-40S, 1004-40T, 1004-42, 1004-4T, 1006-6, 1006-60, 1006-60T, 1006-60TW

1100 Series: 1103C-33, 1103D-33T, 1103D-33TA, 1104A-44, 1104C-44, 1104C-44T, 1104C-44TA, 1104C-E44T, 1104C-E44TA, 1104D-44T, 1104D-44TA, 1104D-E44T, 1104D-E44TA, 1106C-E60TA

3.152 Series: 3.152, 3.1524, D3.152, T3.1524

4.203 Series: 4.203, 4.2032, G4.203

4.236 Series: 4.236, 4.248, 4.2482, 4.41, G4.236, T4.236

6.354 Series: 6.354, 6.3544

700 Series: 704.30T

900 Series: 903-27

V8.640 Series: T8.640, V8.640


List Numbers Associated to Fuel Filter 2614B650:

Engine Type: A

Engine Type: AA Commercial Name: 1004-4

Engine Type: AB Commercial Name: 1004-4T

Engine Type: AF Commercial Name: 1004-40S

Engine Type: AG Commercial Name: 1004G

Engine Type: AH

Engine Type: AQ

Engine Type: AS

Engine Type: CE Commercial Name: D3.152

Engine Type: CM Commercial Name: 3.1524

Engine Type: CN Commercial Name: T3.1524

Engine Type: CP Commercial Name: 903-27

Engine Type: DC

Engine Type: JD Commercial Name: 4.203

Engine Type: JF

Engine Type: JG Commercial Name: 4.2032

Engine Type: LD Commercial Name: 4.236

Engine Type: LE

Engine Type: LF Commercial Name: 4.248

Engine Type: LG Commercial Name: 4.2482

Engine Type: LJ Commercial Name: T4.236

Engine Type: LM Commercial Name: 4.41

Engine Type: NH Commercial Name: 1104D-E44T

Engine Type: NJ Commercial Name: 1104D-E44TA

Engine Type: NL Commercial Name: 1104D-44T

Engine Type: NM Commercial Name: 1104D-44TA

Engine Type: RE Commercial Name: 1104C-44

Engine Type: RG Commercial Name: 1104C-44T

Engine Type: RH Commercial Name: 1104C-E44T

Engine Type: RJ Commercial Name: 1104C-44TA

Engine Type: RK Commercial Name: 1104C-E44TA

Engine Type: RR

Engine Type: TC Commercial Name: 6.354

Engine Type: TW Commercial Name: 6.3544

Engine Type: UC Commercial Name: 704-30T

Engine Type: YA Commercial Name: 1006-6

Engine Type: ZA Commercial Name: V8.640

Engine Type: ZB Commercial Name: TV8.640